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About me

A detail-oriented individual eager to practice and develop both technical and personal skills to the maximum. Aiming to be an asset to a company that focuses on customer-satisfaction by building and maintaining strong and good customer-relationships.


  • 2021 - Present
    Uno Renta Business Solutions - Property Management Company

    Accounts Receivable and Billing Specialist

    • Prepares the daily cash inflow tie-out (Salesforce, Paypal, Wire Transfer, and check payments).
    • Ensures correct tagging of cash deposits in Propertyware (a user-friendly residential rental property management software for single-family properties.). Includes checking of the amount, account title, and exact date of bank processing.
    • Verifies and posts check received in tenants’ ledger in salesforce and Propertyware. This process is essential for owner’s income pay-out and Owner Statement of Account.
    • Reviews the special report from the bank and do necessary adjustments in both owner’s and tenant’s accounts. Responsible in endorsing these bounced payments as well.
    • Reconciles ACH charge back.
    • Ensures to tag all company received income as paid and be deposited in the company’s revenue account after the 5-day bank clearance.
    • Bills Management Fees to the owners’ portfolios on a monthly basis.

  • 2019 - 2021
    Uno Renta Business Solutions - Property Management Company

    Junior Accounting Associate – Billings and Collections (Virtual Assistant)

    • Responsible for the collection of the monthly rent, utilities, penalties, and all other
    payables from both owners and tenants.
    • Assists owner and tenant’s accounting inquiries via text message, email, and call
    (Outbound and Inbound).
    • Responsible for the finalization of owner and tenant’s accounting records for those
    owners terminating their property management contract.
    • Responsible for the onboarding of owners and tenants for properties under takeover
    management. Makes sure that the accounting process has been fully explained before
    the first month of rent collection.
    • Responsible for the processing of the initial pay-out of owners. Makes sure to process
    the pay-out before the tenant’s move-in date for a successful pay-out.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Bulano Accounting and Auditing Firm

    Intern, Accounting and Auditing Department

    • Assigned to audit two religious organizations.
    • Performed financial examination to the organizations to detect deficiencies with the
    controls, extravagance, fraud, or non- compliance with laws, regulations, and
    management policies.
    • Prepared detailed reports on audit findings.
    • Assigned to input client’s sales and purchases for the quarterly submission of the
    Summary Lists of Sales and Purchases for taxpayers.





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