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About me


I successfully helped in developing my previous company’s account with the type of customer service that I provide since I had been in the call center industry for more than 2 years and maintained 99% accurate product knowledge in a high-volume selling environment.


For the skills that I have, I do have a positive attitude and a positive outlook in life, same as being calm and cheerful when things go wrong. I have self-discipline and can fully manage my time to make sure that I can attend to all of my duties. I am always willing to learn new things in order for me to improve my skills. I do have integrity as well, I like to do my job properly without me being told, or without me being watched by someone. My weakness was with regards to my communication skills, but for the experiences that I had in the industry it helped me to boost my confidence and get through the different language barriers.


My family is my number one motivation with all the hard work that I do. They are my strength. Aside from my family, setting and achieving my goals, having recognition and receiving feedbacks or constructive criticisms are also a part of my motivation since all of these factors help me to grow and strive for more.


I think I will be an ideal candidate for this job because, I am highly motivated, a result-oriented individual, willing to go an extra mile to reach goals and learn along the way. I’m confident that if given the opportunity, I will thrive and deliver quality work to achieve excellence. I look forward to contributing my skills and experiences to the workplace if given the opportunity.


  • 2018 - 2021

    Customer Service Representative

    Responsible for providing comprehensive and quality customer care at all times through the resolution of customer issues under their scope of support; using all authorized tools at their disposal; ensuring that any confidential information about the customer is guarded; and imparting accurate and appropriate information in relation to the customer’s needs.
    • Provide comprehensive and quality customer care at all times
    • Apply learned knowledge and procedures when servicing customer queries.
    • Communicate effectively and efficiently with internal and external customers
    • Ensure customer satisfaction in all transactions
    • Use all available tools to research for resolutions for customer issues
    • Ensure validity and confidentiality of client/customer information


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