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About me

My name is Charlen and I’m from the Philippines.

I am currently looking for a job that would give me stability in terms of a long-term job. I am amenable to working 30–40 hours weekly. I am flexible, can easily cope with different environments, am easy to get along with, am friendly, and am competitive. I am not a lazy person; I come to work earlier than my schedule because I don’t want to be late, then cram because I only have a short period of time to prepare my tools. In fact, I have a certificate of complete attendance from my previous company.


My experiences include technical accounts, e-commerce, and hotel travel. I have three years of experience working in BPO and right now I would like to try to venture into working as virtual assistance because they offer a work-from-home setup and the salary is higher compared to my previous job. There are also lots of skills that I can learn, and the employer treated their employee well by providing them with a job where they will have time for their family and a competitive salary.

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