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“Hi, there! I’m striving to be a General Virtual Assistant, and despite the fact that I have no prior experience in this field, I am confident that I can deliver the greatest service to my clients. For almost eight years, I’ve been working with some of our country’s largest BPO firms, and the majority of our clients are based in the United States. I’ve previously handled accounts such as order processing, flight bookings, hotel reservations, as well as telecommunications. I also have prior experience working as a cold caller for real estate accounts and a lot more. I have excellent communication abilities and enjoy conversing with people from all around the world. I can do multi-tasking, I’m also computer literate and I can execute my job with minimal supervision. Aside from that, I have my own YouTube channel and I can do basic video editing. Basic photo editing is also something I can accomplish. I’m a positive person and I know that whatever job a client assigns me, I can handle it and that I will do my best to ensure that my clients are satisfied.”

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