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About me

CHRISITANE REYNA V. SECHICO- Aspiring Executive Assistant

Are you in search of a dedicated and highly organized executive assistant to provide top-tier support to your leadership team or business executives? Look no further! I’m Christiane Reyna Sechico, an enthusiastic and proactive professional eager to launch my freelance career as an executive assistant.

I am excited to leverage my organizational prowess and attention to detail to assist busy professionals in optimizing their workflow and achieving their goals. As an aspiring freelancer, I am committed to excellence and ready to offer my expertise to enhance your productivity.

  • Organization and Time Management
  • Attention to Details
  • Effective Communication
  • Adaptability

Services Offered:

  • Calendar Management: Efficiently scheduling appointments, meetings, and travel arrangements to ensure seamless operations.
  • Email and Communication Management: Prioritizing and managing emails and correspondence for improved communication flow.
  • Document Preparation: Creating, editing, and proofreading documents, reports, and presentations.
  • Task Coordination: Coordinating tasks and projects, tracking deadlines, and following up on action items.
  • Travel Planning: Planning and organizing travel itineraries, accommodation, and logistics for business trips.
  • Administrative Support: Providing general administrative assistance to optimize daily operations.Why Choose Me:
    • Professionalism: I approach every task with a high level of professionalism, ensuring that your business affairs are handled with the utmost care and confidentiality.
    • Adaptability: I thrive in dynamic environments, quickly adapting to evolving priorities and effectively managing multiple tasks.
    • Strong Work Ethic: My dedication and work ethic are unwavering, ensuring that tasks are completed accurately and on time.
    • Tech-Savvy: Proficient in various productivity tools and software, streamlining administrative processes.
    • Excellent Communication: I excel in clear and effective communication, ensuring alignment with your needs and expectations.How to Hire Me:Ready to optimize your executive workflow? Let’s collaborate! Contact me at my email address [email protected] to discuss your executive assistant requirements and receive a customized proposal. I look forward to learning more about your needs and how I can contribute to your success.


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