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About me

Hey, I’m Felix!

I work as a Business Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, and SEO expert.

Quick Flashback way back in 2018 I started working as a Customer Service expert for almost 2 years but working in that field doesn’t give me satisfaction nor fulfillment. And then I went back to my roots and discovered what I really want to engage in a business as I am an Entrepreneur myself and want to be an asset not just your ordinary employee.

And Today I stand as a Business Virtual Assistant an integral part of the business doing things from the back and also goes into the front lines if necessary.

What I do now is handling Mundane Task to business small to a large chunk of administrative task that can be really tiresome to some or even to the owners of the business. I help them by freeing their time doing this type of work so that they will have more time in operating the business and also have time to spend with their loved ones.

As of the moment I have taken lots and lots of training to be able to handle such tasks as Data Entry, Document Management, Basic Accounting, Recruitment, Appointment Setting, Calendar Management, Social Media, and last but not the least Search Engine Optimization.

What I strive for is for my work to speak for itself and to also be able to build trust as we progress towards success.


  • 2018 - 2020


    Handling escalated calls and regular calls from inbound, outbound, and chat transactions.


Digital Marketing


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