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About me

I am a Virtual Assistant who is self-motivated with a solid work ethic, skilled at multi-tasking, whilst maintaining strong attention to detail. I am passionate about providing strategic-relationship with my employer and colleagues, as well as fostering partnership-building skills in the workplace. I am skillful in solving problems creatively, and I always use tact and diplomacy to achieve win-win outcomes.


  • 2022 - Present
    Allianz PNB Life Insurance

    Financial Advisor

    Licensed Financial Advisor

  • 2022 - 2022

    CEO / Owner

    As the business owner, I am in charge of marketing, sales and supplies. For marketing, I come up with projects to ensure that my products are up to date, with various trends in the market, I make sure that I get acquainted with the customer’s wants and needs. For the sales, I am also in charge or replying to a number of queries from customers, I am also in charge packing the orders. For the supplies, I am in charge of looking for suppliers, contacting them, product control, inventory and other logistics.
    Regular duties:
    Check all social media platform
    Update and track suppliers
    Make sales inventories
    Make sales invoices
    Pack orders
    Ship orders
    Create a weekly marketing plan for weekly product launch Manage finances (sales, profit and etc)
    Come up with strategic plans for packagings and etc Refund and warranties

  • 2022 - 2022
    Young Urban Property Professionals

    Admin and Human Resource Officer

    Responsible for the recruitment and management of new and old members of the company.
    Responsible for membership-accreditation of developers and other functions relating to external affairs. Responsible for conducting and organizing company orientations, trainings and seminars that provide knowledge and skills to ensure the growth of each member in the company.
    Responsible for conceptualization of hiring and marketing strategies and branding of the company and its corresponding perks.
    Responsible for contents to be posted online or any avenue for hiring and marketing purposes.
    Responsible for first-hand computations of the company’s payroll.

  • 2021 - 2022
    DermPRO E-commerce

    Onboarding Project Coordinator

    Summary of duties: Calendar Management Email Management Project Management Follow Up Leads Business Operations Email Marketing Training
    Catalog Support
    Website or E-commerce store maintenance
    Regular duties:
    Read and analyze client’s invoice
    Fill in forms based on client’s invoice for documentation Prepare customer folder and deliverables list for clients (contracts, product and treatments list, style guide and etc)
    Email Sorting, Tagging, Labeling Tasks
    Set meetings, record minutes of the meeting
    Follow up tasks from peers, and other people from other departments
    Data entry on product’s and treatment list
    Update customer timeline
    Update store tracker to make sure everything is on schedule to avoid missing deadlines
    Store-sweep (conduct a sample purchase and check for bugs)
    Submit tickets via Jira Software for bugs and other edits


Real Estate
Social Media Management
Admin Tasks
Oral and Written English




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