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About me

I’m Freya, and I’ve been working in customer service for the past 5 years. I have attended Global Communications and Management Academy training for Standard American English and US culture. I have worked as an English tutor for Korean students (Ages 7-25) and as an assistant teacher for children and adults with special needs (Ages 5-30). I have handled Phone, Email, and Chat Support for various companies in the United States and the United Kingdom in the E-Commerce, Member Subscription Website, Telecommunications, and Financial Industries.
The majority of my work entails being a case manager. After a year of working for eBay, I began working on cases involving Buyer-Seller Disputes, refunds, returns, Billing and Account issues. Then I became a subject matter expert to assist in the training of agents in the implementation of new processes, to provide real-time feedback and coaching, to handle escalations, and to collect data to work on areas for development. I eventually moved on from eBay to other accounts, such as PayPal, where I was in charge of unauthorized transactions, payments, and account and billing issues. I also worked for AT&T, where I was in charge of advertising the company’s products, aiding with account and billing issues, and consulting and educating customers about the company’s policies and plans. I was a Top Seller in our LOB for 3 consecutive times for upgrading the subscription of some of our Loyal customers. I also worked for Amazon, where I was in charge of aiding sellers with improving their analytics, growing their sales, and counseling them on buyer disputes and account concerns.
As a side job during my BPO days, I was also doing Multi Level Marketing. There, I learned how to approach various types of potential clients and consumers more effectively. When I was doing this, I must say that my self-confidence was strengthened. During my stay there, I was able to close deals and invite a large number of people. I perfected presenting our company’s products to potential clients and explaining everything in depth based on their wants and needs.
After 5 years in the BPO industry, I’ve chosen to take a different route. I wanted to broaden my horizons and improve on what I currently know. I’ve finally made my way into the world of freelancing. Since the epidemic began, my top priority has been to keep myself and my family safe, which is why I began looking for a career where I could work safely from home.
I began my career as an appointment setter for a US real estate firm. Cold calling and setting up appointments for possible leads wanting to sell their property is my primary responsibility. Working as an appointment setter is a significant shift of environment and environment for me, and it is extremely different from what I was accustomed to, but I must say that it is really rewarding, and hearing positive feedback from my clients is a personal achievement for me.
I work well in groups, yet I can also work independently. I am extremely trainable and enthusiastic about my work. I prioritize communication and training to ensure that I follow processes and SOPs so that I can personalize customer care to the needs of each client. I pay close attention to details and am always willing to receive feedback. I also tr to be at work not only on time, but a few minutes early to ensure that I am prepared for work.

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