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A technical drafter with a national certification in technical drafting who has a great eye for detail. I am searching for a drafting position to apply my drafting skills and my 7.5 years of experience in the shipbuilding industry. I am knowledgeable, capable of using several types of CAD software, and able to grasp various types of drawings.


  • 2022 - Present

    Floor Plan Drafter

    Create and prepare 2D Architectural Floor Plan layout to the existing building using Dokusketch software. Provide 3D model of different types of buildings using Xactimate software for cost and estimation purposes.

  • 2015 - 2022
    Tsuneishi Technical Services Phil. Inc.

    Design Specialist

    Preparation of Hull design structure such drawings, cost estimates and specifications and other Hull data using CAD software. Prepares Fore side and Aft side fitting position of the Draft Mark based on the Arrangement of Draft Mark drawing. Coordinates with steel processing department and the erection or assembly department for requirements of material and methods of repairs. Confers with the different piping teams for the accuracy of plans and updates in drawings if any. Deals with revision/repair of drawings for a material supplement. Coordinates technical problems and design solutions for other engineering team members (such as stability & mooring, general design, and weight control), subcontractors, and consultants. Prepares a list for the location of Demarcation Lines based on the schedule of painting. Provides expanded drawing of brackets, stiffeners, hawse pipe, chain pipe, and exhaust pipe for turbocharger outlet using 2D or 3D drawings depending on the complexity. Preparation of data of piece drawing for numerical control machines. On the graphic of CAD, outline of each piece is drawn the supplemental information which contains a name, installation stage, the direction of beveling, attribution of each line (outline, hole, marking line, etc. Preparation of data of small piece drawing not used for numerical control (NC) machine. Small pieces (generally the size below 300 mm. X 300 mm.) which cannot be controlled by NC machine, plotted out by actual size through copy machine after preparation of data in the graphic of CAD. Based on these data of actual size, each piece is fabricated by hand cutting or using eye tracer machine. Preparation of list of production data for profiles and flat bars. As all profiles and flat bars are fabricated by hand marking/hand cutting, it is necessary to prepare the list for marking which shows the shape of both ends, size, and position of air holes/drain holes, the baseline for installation, etc.



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