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About me

🌟 About Me

With a dynamic career spanning seven years in the BPO industry, including four years as a dedicated Team Leader, I have honed my skills in sales, customer service, and e-commerce account management. My unwavering commitment to excellence, adaptability, and a keen eye for detail has consistently propelled me to success in these roles.

As a results-driven professional, I have successfully managed diverse portfolios, exceeding sales targets, enhancing customer satisfaction, and optimizing e-commerce operations. My deep understanding of client requirements and a proactive approach to problem-solving have been pivotal in achieving these milestones.

💼 Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

In addition to my BPO expertise, I have excelled as a General Virtual Assistant, offering a wide range of administrative and support services to clients across various industries. My virtual assistance skills include:

📊 CRM Data Management: Proficient in updating and maintaining data in CRM tools, ensuring accuracy and reliability to facilitate informed decision-making.

✍️ Recruitment Support: Crafting compelling job advertisements to attract top talent, streamlining the hiring process for clients.

🌐 Data Scraping: Leveraging data scraping techniques to gather valuable insights and information from online sources, aiding in research and analysis.

📱 Social Media Management: Managing and maintaining Facebook accounts to enhance online presence and engagement for clients.

🛠️ Tools Mastery

Throughout my career, I have acquired expertise in various tools and platforms crucial for efficient operations. These include:

Salesforce: Harnessing the power of Salesforce for comprehensive customer relationship management.
Bliss: Leveraging Bliss for enhanced productivity and collaboration.
Slack: Efficiently communicating and collaborating with teams through Slack’s messaging platform.
Zendesk: Providing top-notch customer support and ticket management with Zendesk.
Microsoft Teams: Facilitating seamless communication and teamwork through Microsoft Teams.
Bullhorn: Streamlining recruitment processes with Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system.

🚀 My Mission

My mission is to continue leveraging my extensive BPO industry experience and virtual assistance skills to empower businesses and individuals to achieve their goals. Whether it’s optimizing sales processes, enhancing customer relationships, or providing top-notch virtual support, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

If you’re seeking a seasoned professional with a proven track record in the BPO industry and a versatile virtual assistant, I am ready to collaborate and contribute to your success.

📧 **Let’s Connect!**

Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] to explore how we can work together to elevate your business or project to new heights.


  • 2022 - 2023
    Private Client (Recruitment Agency)

    General VA

    My tasks include but are not limited to:
    – updating data in the CRM tool
    – writing of job advertisements
    – formatting CVs
    – data scraping
    – some FB management

  • 2019 - 2022
    TaskUs | Shopify

    Team Leader

    Managing the day-to-day frontline business including performance, adherence, and ensuring KPIs are met.

  • 2018 - 2019
    TaskUs | Shopify

    Teammate (Customer Service Representative)

    Shopify’s front-line support; the only point of contact for the merchants on a daily basis. Support shop owners via emails, phones, and chats.


eCommerce Management
Customer Service
General Admin Support




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