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About me

✦ Current Impact: Making valuable contributions to a tech solutions company serving insurance companies, where my operational support is crucial for maintaining high standards.
✦ Educational Operations: Three years of experience in the educational and corporate sectors, ensuring smooth operations.
✦ Travel Logistics: Managed international travel logistics for an non-profit organization in the Philippines for two years, showcasing strong organizational skills.
✦ Dependability & Meticulousness: Dependable and detail-oriented worker with a track record of maintaining high standards.
✦ Resourceful Problem Solver: Skilled problem solver who finds innovative solutions with available resources.
✦ Team Leadership: Experienced team leader with the ability to manage diverse groups effectively.
✦ Global Engagement: Thrives in multicultural environments, building strong relationships and achieving shared goals through cross-cultural understanding.


  • 2020 - Present
    Cimplex Solutions, Inc.

    Operations & Administration Manager

    • Developed and put into action novel procedures while streamlining current processes to enhance the efficiency of client support services.
    • Enhanced coordination among various departments including IT, HR, and Sales by instituting protocols and procedural frameworks.
    • Delivered a yearly cost reduction of 5% for regular client interactions.
    • Devised and executed a work shift arrangement that facilitated addressing client issues without incurring extra expenses or burdening the workforce.
    • Strategized and carried out quarterly account management initiatives that nurtured client confidence.
    • Instilled a sense of client dedication, proactiveness, and outstanding performance among both longstanding and new team members.

  • 2017 - 2019
    Compassion International

    Tours and Visits Specialist

    ‣ Collaborated with international partner representatives from the USA, Australia, and Korea, in addition to coordinating with the partnership team in the Philippines, to strategize and execute trips.
    ‣ Managed all logistical aspects of tours and visits, ensuring the seamless implementation of planned itineraries.
    ‣ Orchestrated logistical arrangements, including accommodation booking, transportation coordination, stakeholder communication, and pre-trip site visits as required.
    ‣ Oversaw financial operations, encompassing payments, purchases, reimbursements, and secure fund management throughout the entire trip.
    ‣ Assured the quality and effectiveness of field exposure trips in alignment with predefined objectives.
    ‣ Provided outstanding customer service, guaranteeing the comfort and satisfaction of all guests.
    ‣ Enforced Compassion’s child protection policy and maintained expectations for behavior and conduct throughout trips.
    ‣ Conducted post-trip reporting responsibilities, encompassing meticulous documentation and financial reconciliations.

  • 2012 - 2015
    Scholastic Inc. Grolier Philippines

    Implementation Support Manager & Program Consultant

    ‣ Managed teams of 5 to 25 employees across different departments: administration, technical, warehouse & logistics, and facilitation.
    ‣ Supported sales and program teams in their daily tasks and seasonal events.
    ‣ Supervised the Warehouse Supervisor, focusing on product preparation, on-time deliveries, and staff scheduling.
    ‣ Oversaw the Database Management team, making sure reports were delivered on time and program data was maintained.
    ‣ Guided the Technical Supervisor in planning and execution, and ensured timely reporting.
    ‣ Managed the Admin Assistant, ensuring tasks were completed on time and within budget.
    ‣ Supported partner schools in implementing Scholastic literacy programs through lessons, training, and conferences.
    ‣ Addressed client requirements as per the program plan and agreement commitments.
    ‣ Conducted computer-based assessments for Reading and Math in partner schools.

  • 2003 - 2011
    Church So Blessed International

    Administration Officer

    ‣ Created and managed organization policies and processes.
    ‣ Developed a salary standardization system and reviewed finances.
    ‣ Interviewed and evaluated staff.
    ‣ Successfully organized various events.
    ‣ Wrote teaching materials and conducted seminars and classes.




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