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About me

I  will do my best to be an asset to the company and willing to learn for the skills that will be provided. I love to read and write poems, novels and short stories during my free time.


  • 2019 - 2021
    Dreamscape Networks Inc.

    Customer Care Specialist

    – Assisting customers to troubleshoot website and emails through phone and email if it is down or
    not working.
    – Educating customers how web and email hosting works and what are the plans and packages
    that the company offers.
    – Troubleshooting customers’ website built through WordPress and executing or understanding
    some basic scripts and error logs.
    – Setting up email in customer’s devices depending on their preferences for example Outlook,
    Thunderbird and Mac Mail.
    – Setting up DNS configuration if in case customer’s hosting products came from different
    – Assisting customers for the first step of domain, email and web hosting transfer in or out.
    – Processing refunds for unwanted charges of hosting products.
    – Saving and handling tickets through the use of Zendesk.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Convergys/ Concentrix Philippines Inc.

    Technical Support Representative

    – Assisting customers to file their taxes on time based on the deadline; monthly, quarterly and
    annually through the web base of Intuit and offline version via software installed in their computer.
    Queries were answered via phone or chat regardless if they are accountants or small business
    – Helping customers to calculate taxes whether they are underpaid or overpaid.
    – Educating customers what are taxable and not, helping them to understand the processes of tax
    – Troubleshooting the QuickBooks software through the help of screen sharing in case there are
    issues happening with tax filing and submitting of payrolls.
    – Saving and handling tickets through the use of Salesforce.

  • 2016 - 2017
    Joan's Pharmacy


    -Started as one of the Inventory Team – checking the actual number of stocks in the warehouse
    versus what is indicated in the database in our software using SAP.
    -Encoder at the same time of bad orders and monitoring the cause of this and sending reports to
    management as well as processing of transfers of stocks from one warehouse to another.
    -After 6 months, got promoted as Purchaser – serving as a medium of communication from the
    owner of the business towards clients to monitor the sales of product and endorsing the products
    whether it can be displayed across all branches or not.


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