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About me

I have 6 years working experience in
customer service, mostly handling phone
calls and emails/chats. I ‘am used
handling critical concerns and irate
customers regarding the issues they
have. I ‘am used in dealing with the
reports and management task directly to
the clients.


  • 2020 - 2022
    JBL / Harman Kardon

    Technical Support Agent

    Technical Support Agent
    Handling phone, email and chats
    Handling the schedules of the repairs of
    the unit. Creating work order, checking the
    availability of the units
    Dealing with the troubleshooting of the
    home audios

  • 2017 - 2020
    Centene Health Plan

    Provider Services Assoiciate

    Provider Services Assoiciate
    Dealing with the appointments, schedules,
    surgeries of the patients.
    Checking the claims of the nurses and
    doing the coordination with the patient to
    the hospital

  • 2016 - 2017

    Billing Assoiciate

    Billing Assoiciate
    Managing the bills of the customers.
    Explaining the charges. Mostly handling
    disputes and irate customers

  • 2015 - 2016
    Wellcare Health Plan

    Health Care Specialist

    Handling the precription, refills and the
    copays of the patients
    Assisting patients in all of the health
    related inquiries


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