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About me

My name is Monica Quizon and I have 6 months experience in HR,  I am eager to learn and contribute to successful outcomes.

I have passion, drive and ambition. I believe that my strong communication, observation, customer service and organizational skills and overall positive attitude will be useful to the success of your team. I understand the importance of company policies and procedures and have the capability to efficiently implement and monitor policy adherence. I have great knowledge and understanding relating to recruitment processes, as well as understanding payroll practices and procedures.

I am confident that I have the skillset to complete tasks within your organization while adhering to policy protocols. My strength in customer service will be beneficial when dealing with employees, while my observation will benefit in recognizing any issues in teams or departments before they become major problems. Finally, my strong communication will favourably benefit when creating procedures or policies and training new staff.

I am sure that I can be a great asset to your team and I am very excited to hear from you soon.


  • 2022 - 2023
    Medisense Laboratory Center Inc

    HR Assistant

    1. HR Service and Administration
    Maintain and update 201 File of employee.
    Responsible in dissemination of memorandum (internal / external) to all staff/department.
    Responsible in implementation of company’s rules and regulations.
    Monitor the submission o the cellphone and report those who are not complying.
    Conducts daily rounds to check department staffing / attendance. Responsible in recording and preparation of minutes during monthly meetings.
    Ensure the availability of time schedule and assignment sheet.
    Prepare the daily, monthly and yearly checklist of the Dental Department.
    Recruitment and Selection
    Ensure the availability of approved personnel requisition form from HRD Officer / Admin Officer / OIC before proceeding the hiring process.
    Develop a pool of qualified applicants for future job openings.
    2.3 Responsible in placing job advertisement in chosen job posting sites / media.
    2.4 Screen candidates resumes and applications.
    2.5 Conduct interviews using various reliable recruiting and selection tools methods (initial interview). Schedule those passed for final interview with the HR Officer / Admin Officer / OIC / Department Head.
    2.6 Performs reference check and background checks.
    2.7 Schedule and assist applicants on their Pre-Employment Medical Examination.
    2.8 Ensure that all of the newly hired employees requirements are complete prior to their orientation day.
    . Training and Development
    3.1 Collaborate with the HR Officer regarding with applicable trainings/seminars for the staff.
    3.2 Assists the HRD Officer with the Training Needs Survey.
    Administrative Tasks
    4.1 Attends management meeting as schedule by the OIC.
    4.2 Upholds 7S standards in the department and address concern immediately.
    4.3 Follow DOH and ISO Guidelines.
    4.4 Participates actively in the Quality Improvement related activities of the clinic.
    4.5 Performs other tasks and duties as may be assigned by the management.






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