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About me

I am privileged to get to know other people’s beautiful sides. Being welcomed into their world and see their experiences which oftentimes let me learned so much without having to go through them, is so amazing and precious! And I always treasure that opportunities. Most people that I get to know have been kind to preserve our relationships together with me, too. And I believe that add to the good things in the world!

I could see and deduce a matter to its bigger picture and I also able to focus on small details of some things.

I have an inclination to fix things. I fixed cellphones. I experiment Linux OS on my outdated laptop (which I will do again if I get a new one). I like turning screwdriver and see the parts it’s secured behind. Planning, measuring, sawing, hammering, they make us use what we have in minds. I think I got these from our mom.

I know we are interconnected and so I consider the impact of a decision to other people. Pondering and evaluating decisions for a long time and committing to it after I’m done is a treat I get from our dad in his quiet time.


  • 2023 - Present
    DAB Construction & Enterprises

    Office engineer

    – Develop and review project plans, specifications, and design drawings.
    – Analyze project requirements and propose effective engineering solutions.
    – Use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create detailed engineering drawings.
    – Work closely with architects, surveyors, and other professionals to integrate civil engineering aspects into overall project designs.
    – Analyze site conditions and assess their impact on project design and construction.
    – Prepare cost estimates for materials, labor, and equipment required for construction.
    – Assist in budget development and monitor project costs to ensure adherence to financial goals.

    5. **Documentation:**
    – Maintain accurate records of design changes, project progress, and other relevant documentation.
    – Prepare technical reports, proposals, and other project-related documents.

    – Provide updates and reports on project status, addressing client concerns and inquiries.
    – Assist with construction planning and sequencing of activities.
    – Respond to field inquiries and provide technical support during the construction phase.


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