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I hold a Bachelor Degree in Medical Technology from Centro Escolar University Makati (2013). Took the Professional Regulation Commission Examination of Medical Technologist on September 30-August 31, 2013. Employed by a government hospital in the Philippines on November 16, 2013 serving as Assistant Head, Hematology Section till December 2015 where I assumed full duties and responsibilities for the Hematology Section. Became Chief Medical Technologist of Metrohealth Diagnostics Center in April 2018 to overseer operation of the clinical laboratory. Passed the American Society of Clinical Pathology for International Laboratory Scientist in March 6, 2021. After which I was employed part time as a member of Specimen Collection Unit for Homemedph for Covid-19 Specimen Collection team till July 25, 2021 where I left Ospital ng Muntinlupa to be Head, Specimen Collection Unit till December 20, 2021.


  • 2021 - 2021
    Homemedph Mobile Healthcare

    Head, Specimen Collection Unit

    – Multi-tasking done strictly under time pressure, and well time management confidently.
    – Basic orientation and training of newly hired healthcare professionals as part of specimen collection unit.
    – Specimen collection of nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal swab for PCR testing for the Detection of Covid-19.
    – Collection of nasopharyngeal swab or saliva for Covid-19 Antigen Testing, performed on-site (patient’s location)
    – Blood collection as depends on doctors requested laboratory test.
    – Relay accurate interpretation of Covid-19 Antigen test result to team, and Company Doctor and present proof of test to prevent misinterpretation and malpractice in order for the company to prepare accurate and precise Medical Certificate, and Covid-19 Antigen test result for the patient.
    – To have own mode of transport (holder of Driver’s License), to visit patient’s location anywhere in National Capital Region, Philippines to conduct test or specimen collection.
    – Advise on possible changes in route to facilitate timely manner of conducting of testing.
    – Performing basic customer service while handling communications with patients and clients, especially handling feedbacks for the improvement of the overall operation.
    – Proper transport of specimens to designated sites of testing for RT-PCR and Blood specimen.
    – Safekeeping of cash paid by clients for testing, and remittance of the said earnings by end of duty.
    – Report of inventory, to be directly relay to the owner of the company, and to report possible items requiring replenishment.

  • 2018 - 2021
    Metrohealth Diagnostics Center

    Chief Medical Technologist

    – Reports directly to the Owner and Head Pathologist of the Clinical Laboratory.
    – Significant amount of administrative task including general supervision of overall operation of the Clinical Laboratory
    – Responsible for financial decisions such as settlement of tax, replenishment of inventory, settlement of credits, and marketing.
    – Review and revision of Standard Operating Procedure under the guidelines of Department of Health.
    – Recruitment, screening, and interview of applicants for hiring as part of the institution.
    – Compliance, renewal of certification and accreditations for the license to operate of the laboratory under guidelines of Department of Health
    – Renewal, and maintenance of biosafety, and biohazard waste for disposal under guidelines of Department of Environmental and Natural Resources as the Pollution Control Officer of the facility
    – Responsible for External Quality Assurance review, as part of the compliance as a Clinical Laboratory.

  • 2013 - 2021
    Ospital ng Muntinlupa

    Head, Hematology Section

    – Multi-tasking done strictly under time pressure, and well time management confidently.
    – Examined routine sample such as blood, urine and stool. Also handled other body fluids such as pleural fluid, peritoneal fluid, semen, etc. according to the hospital procedure.
    – Performed routine test of Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Microscopy confidently, and performed either Manual or Automated method of Complete Blood Count and Coagulation Testing depending on the material provided by the hospital.
    – Accurately performed Quality Control on Hematology (Sysmex CA-500, Sysmex XS-1000i, and Abott Cell-dyn Ruby) and Clinical Chemistry (Cyan, and Flexor EL200).
    – Participated in Mass Bloodletting, and other blood donation for bloodbank while strictly performing donor screening confidentially, and bloodletting.
    – Facilitated patient request for blood transfusion, and performed Crossmatching (either Manual method or Gel method depending on the material provided by the hospital).
    – Troubleshooting of machines especially the machines handled by hematology section.
    – Performed other clerical duties such as receiving of laboratory request, printing of results, encoding, handling charges of patient, and releasing of patient results. Supported my fellow colleague on my shift regardless of area assigned.
    – Responsible for the inventory of Hematology Section and requesting of reagents and equipment.
    – Evaluation of demo machine in Hematology.
    – Kept the records of Quality Control of hematology for Complete Blood Count and Coagulation Testing
    – Preparation of Hematology Section for inspection of governing bodies, for licensure or renewal such as Department of Health and ISO 9001:2015 certification


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