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5 years of experience in the field of Manufacturing (Automotive and Electronics), Quality Assurance, Engineering, Multiple Project Administration, ISO/IATF Product and Process Auditing, Claim Investigation, Team Leadership, KPI Analysis, Change Management and Customer Relations in 4 continents (Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and South America).


  • 2022 - 2023
    DENSO Philippines

    Senior Customer QA Engineer

    ● Managed 5+ junior engineers in customer communication and process investigation related to quality concerns; reduced quality issues by 77%
    ● Other responsibilities as QA Engineer

  • 2019 - 2022
    DENSO Philippines

    Customer QA Engineer

    ● Collaborated with customers in 9 countries worldwide and achieved 100% compliance with Supplier Quality Assurance Manual and yearly target
    ● Ensured smooth change transition of new and mass products and processes through Early-Stage Control with on-time requirements closure for 12 new products and changepoints per year
    ● Investigation and report creation of 12 Customer Claims and 48 In-Process Claims (Why Why Analysis, FTA, Process Mapping, 5M1E, 8D Problem Solving, PDCA, CAPA) with 100% on-time completion
    ● Handled multiple projects like Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) and Customer Claim Reduction Activities (Furikaeri) to achieve KPI Target; 59% ppm defect reduction
    ● Head quality meetings and claims resolution with internal and overseas management; eliminated $13K external expense from customer claims
    ● Supported Process Reliability Rank-Up Activities through Genba; 50% decreased of D rank
    ● Arranged Product Audit and Product Layout to 24 models per year
    ● Conducted Internal Quality Audit, Manufacturing Process Audit, QA Patrol and FM Patrol to 7 processes of different products with 100% closure of audit findings
    ● Established Trainings for 30+ QA Engineers and 200+ Production Associates; 9 Trainings conducted in total
    ● Cross Trained within the Department for Risk Management; handled 5 Products in total
    ● Prepared and revised Inspection Standards based on Engineering Drawing and Customer Criteria; 12 FIS created per year
    ● Lead multiple Cross Functional Teams involving 10 departments to achieve success of new products, projects and processes; 100% on-time closure of customer requirements

  • 2018 - 2019
    Samsung Electro-Mechanics Philippines

    Process Technical Engineer

    ● Evaluated issues relating to the product (Yield, RTY, LRR, CpK); achieved 90% Yield
    ● Reviewed technical aspects and root cause of defects to prevent recurrence (Why Why Analysis, Process Mapping, 5M1E Characterization, DOE); 100% corrective and preventive actions created
    ● Organized technical verification of change point in Taping Process (MCCB, ECCB, PCCB);
    100% on-time reporting, approval and implementation of 1 Material Change, 15 Equipment Change and 2 Process Change.
    ● Improved 5 Procedures for each product based on actual method used in process


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