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About me

Acquisition Manager – VA Real Estate

* Project Management
* Study property’s deed and ownership
* Proofread documents and various paperwork
* Updating listings
* Responding to email inquiries
* Appointment settings
* Verify and set up the appointments with the buyer/seller
* Provide Customer Service Experience
* Technical Skills Background
for a possible problem with an application
* Cold calling skills
* Sales skills Outbound and Inbound calling
* Social media marketing
* Social media platforms
* Medical Virtual Assistant
* Email Management
* Photo Editing
* Video Editing
* Skip tracing
* Craiglist
* Zillow
* Podio and other CRM tools
* WordPress learning
* Closing Deal
* Marketing ads
* Z-code
* propstream tool
* Mojo dialer
* Trello

  • Batch Leads
  • Send Contracts
  • Negotiate
  • Run Comps
  • Offer
  • Follow ups


  • 2017 - 2022
    Home Buyers in Minnesota

    VA Cod Caller- Acquisition Manger

    Acquisition Manager’s List:* Project Management* Study property’s deed and ownership* Checking landmarks and establishments in the area* Proofread documents and various paperwork* Updating listings* Responding to email inquiries* Appointment settings* Verify and set up the appointments with the buyer/seller* Provide Customer Service Experience* Technical Skills Backgroundfor a possible problem with an application* Cold calling skills* Sales skills Outbound and Inbound calling* Social media marketing* Social media platforms* Medical Virtual Assistant* Email Management* Photo Editing* Video Editing* Skip tracing* Craiglist* Zillow* podio and other CRM tools* WordPress learning* Learning Search Engine Optimization* SEO*WordPress* Closing Deal* Marketing ads* Z-code* propstream tool* mojo dialer*rei-simple *Call Rail*Sending Contracts * reireply*resimpli* Batch Lead Stacker* Better Voice* Call Pad* Twillio* Trello Requires patience, dedication, hardworking, develop trust to one another, and finally be honest to yourself and to your client and the rest will work out just fine. I am a very motivated person and make sure everything is organized.


Acquisition Manger , Sales, Cold Calling


American English


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