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Im Shidimar Salip Satri, 23 years old with a 3 years of experience as Costumer service representative at Concentrix for more than 8 months and Alorica for 2 years. the clients we handle in Concentrix are food delivery drivers so we provide them assistance when theyre having issues picking up orders from store or when dropping the order to the costumer. In Alorica we provide support to the users of our mobile banking app so we basically do outbound calls when theres an issue in their account or unauthorized transactions in their accounts so we let them know about it, we also receives calls from them if theyre having issues with their account or when theyre new to app, while i was working full time in Alorica i also do part times as a Virtual Assistant for 6 months my clients is running a digital marketing business so i handle all his emails i reach out to a potential client via email and also respond to emails that we get and set up meetings.



Social media/Email Management, Marketing


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