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About me

By overseeing the operations, sales, and profitability of the Amazon and Shopify store, it is my goal to make sure the company succeeds. By optimizing product listings, pricing, promotions, and inventory management, I hope to boost income, expand my market share, and improve the customer experience. I make sure that all Amazon and Shopify policies, rules, and best practices are followed. To spot trends, opportunities, and areas for progress, I track and analyze metrics and data related to Amazon and Shopify sales.

I am also a general virtual assistant who offers remote support to executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs so they may concentrate on their primary duties and increase productivity. My purpose is to provide effective, dependable, and professional administrative services in order to help my clients in achieving their business objectives.


  • 2018 - 2023
    Chungdahm Inc.

    ESL Writing Tutor/ Proofreader

    Assisting students in developing their writing skills by reviewing and providing feedback on essays, compositions, and other written assignments.
    Explaining grammar rules and punctuation conventions to improve students’ writing accuracy and sentence structure.
    Assessing student writing progress through regular evaluations, tracking improvements, and providing feedback to help students reach their writing goals.

  • 2016 - 2018
    VIVIXX Academy

    ESL Tutor

    Assisted students in developing their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English through targeted activities and exercises.
    Tailored teaching methods and materials to meet the specific learning styles, proficiency levels, and goals of each student.
    Taught grammar rules, vocabulary expansion, and usage in context to enhance students’ overall language proficiency.
    Facilitated conversational activities and providing pronunciation guidance to improve students’ fluency, accuracy, and oral communication skills.


Product Listing
Social Media Marketing
Graphics Design
Digital Marketing
Amazon and Shopify Store Management



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