Digital Nomad: 5 Tips on How to Create a Life of Freedom & Flexibility

Craving an escape from the traditional 9-5? Learn how to create and sustain a digital nomadic lifestyle with these five tips!

Working from the beach watching the most beautiful sunset… and sipping coffee is just one of the many perks! It’s so amazing to have the freedom to create my own life and live it to the fullest. MaryJoe Ravelo

It can be an exciting way to experience the world and live life on your own terms. Taking the plunge and making the transition doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are some tips on how to make it happen: 

Figure out your skills and services

Put yourself out there and get started!

1) Have enough savings: You should have enough money saved up so that you can live comfortably while you get started. This means having enough money saved for at least 3-6 months of living expenses, including rent, bills, food, and entertainment. Building up your savings is also important if you plan on frequently traveling; you want to make sure that you can sustain yourself through these trips. 

2) Choose the right location: When deciding where to settle down, assessing the cost of living in different countries or regions is important. You want to find somewhere where your money will go further so that your budget stretches further. Additionally, picking an area with reliable internet is essential since this is how you will do much of your work. Watching the sunset in Boracay will be lovely! Here are some top 7 WFH.

Research remote job options

3) Invest in good technology: Having reliable technology is key when working remotely. Investing in quality laptops and phones will ensure that your work is uninterrupted and efficient; this will save time, and energy, and allow for better productivity overall. What’s more is investing in secure cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive will enable easy access and sharing of documents between different people around the world. Yes, this is a must! Check out the best gadgets to use.

4) Connect with other Digital Nomads: Being part of an online or local community of fellow digital nomads is essential for staying motivated and connected in such an isolating lifestyle. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who understand what it takes to be successful allows for valuable conversations on best practices related to everything from communication strategies to tax advice. 

Discuss strategies with experienced travelers

5) Join networking platforms: It’s always beneficial to join professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn or Talentize which allows employers from all around the world to connect with potential employees regardless of their physical location. It’s also worth joining industry-specific Facebook groups or Slack channels which are great sources for finding freelance gigs or learning about upcoming opportunities related to the skill sets you offer professionally. 

With the right mindset and focus, living a life of freedom and flexibility is possible. Whether you’re working remotely, creating your own business, or freelance gigging with your laptop in hand, you can achieve professional freedom and personal fulfillment by taking advantage of all the tools available today. Plus, you can discover new cultures, places, and spaces – creating everlasting memories in the process.

The process isn’t always easy but it’s worth the effort. After all, who doesn’t want to travel the world while doing what they love? So go ahead and take your career into your own hands and have that beach, coffee, and laptop waiting for you when adventuring calls! Visit to apply for remote jobs so you too can truly experience the power of freedom & flexibility!

Wave goodbye to cubicles and hello to the world!

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