Why Hire a VA in the Philippines?

Business owners of all types know the exact reason why virtual assistant services are very important in attaining business goals. Whether a business is operating online and or offline, a Virtual Assistant or VA can absolutely give your business an edge. And at the same time, provide you, the business owner, the convenience that you deserve.

So Why Hire a VA in the Philippines? What Makes Them Special?

Well, to tell you the truth, there are tons of great reasons why many businesses are always choosing Filipino VAs. Whether local or international, Filipino VAs already established a good reputation because of their exceptional virtual assistant services. Another great factor here is that the Philippines is one of the leading countries when it comes to outsourcing VAs. And this statement is not just being stated for the sake of encouraging you to hire a VA in the Philippines. Because this is based on business statistics made last 2020.

The Philippines as a Leading Hub of Outsourcing for Virtual Assistants

Over the past decade, virtual assistant services in the Philippines have become the popular choice for global businesses. In fact, according to some sources, if entrepreneurs and big businesses will hire a VA, then that can reduce their operating costs by 78%. It is also stated in some sources that if you will consider hiring a VA, you are more likely to get more productive and efficient workers.

The same study was done by Stanford to see the difference between cubicle employees or those who are working in an office to employees who are working from home. After 9 months of experimentation and observation, they have concluded that those who were working from home increased their productivity and efficiency by 13%. And as they have transitioned half of the company to a WFH (Work from Home) setup, the total productivity shoots up to 22%.

Needless to say, hiring a VA in the Philippines, will not just save you more in terms of money, but, you are also giving your business an opportunity to grow and become more competitive.

And now that we have made it very clear that hiring a VA is absolutely a great idea to consider for businesses and entrepreneurs, let us now go back to the first question. Why hire a VA in the Philippines? Let’s cut it short and go straight to the 5 reasons why you should consider Filipino VAs.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a VA in the Philippines

High Educational Attainment with English Proficiency

Hiring a VA in the Philippines will give you an assurance that there will be no communication or language barrier between the two of you and of your clients. You can be sure that all your instructions will be fully understood and executed, same as following the requests of your customers to give you and your clients a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Can-do Attitude

One of the best reasons why you should hire a VA in the Philippines is because they have this can-do attitude. They are a “Yes Man” which gives them the flexibility to do more tasks at a time. Another reason why they have this kind of attitude as well is that Filipinos are non-confrontational. They are very respectful and they will ensure to you that all your expectations will be met and done on time.

Strong ‘Cultural Fit’

The virtual assistants in the Philippines are culturally fit. Meaning, they can easily blend in with a diverse group of people. Their social values were influenced by many countries back in the colonization days of Spain, Japan, the US, and many more countries. To put it another way, if you will get the virtual assistant services of VAs in the Philippines, you can get an assurance that you will be able to build a great relationship with them for they can easily adapt and adjust to your culture and of your client’s cultural values.

Outsourcing is No Brainer

You should definitely consider hiring a VA in the Philippines because outsourcing is a no-brainer for them. There are tons of Filipino professionals who have experience on work from home setup or working with offshore clients. They already know the standard requirements when it comes to this kind of work situation. So whatever is your requirements or deadlines, you can be sure that they can meet or even exceed your expectations from them.


The loyalty of Filipino VAs is truly impeccable! If they are being treated well and fairly, they can stay in a company for 20 years or even more! Aside from that, they truly give great value to relationships. They will always be there for you and your business most especially if you’re providing them the benefits that they truly deserve; rewarding their good performance, or simply acknowledging their work. Yes, your good and kind words will fuel them to do better every day at work, and at the same time, this will also strengthen their relationship with you making them more loyal in an overall perception and conception.

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